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Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 22- I made it out of the city!!!!

Lovin’ my new space. I finally graduated out of the city, and I have pics to prove it!

This new area is so different. The people here have not heard of the church or seen the missionaries around, like in my other area. The ward is a lot smaller (there were about 80 people yesterday). The members are great, just like in the other area. In my other area, every single member of the family worked all day, so it was hard to catch a time to see people and hard to bring along members to the lessons. Here, the people have a little bit more resources and time. People aren’t that receptive in the streets, but we’ve met some great people anyway!!!

My new companion’s name is Hermana Hernandez, and she is a good worker and likes to play pranks (like telling me when I arrived that we have a car. Haha!!). She’s from Distrito Federal like Hermana Moran!!
(next week I’ll send a pic)

Edited to Add:

Idk who Benito Juarez is but whenever a guy has their hair combed and gelled they call it "the Benito Juarez" so he's pretty famous. He probably has a significance much more important than his hair but since I don't have access to Wikipedia, y'all will have to check it out for yourself

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