Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

July 28th

Hi everyone!!! This week I ate tongue:

There was also another sighting of the Bob Marley dog.

And other wildlife

It was a pretty chill week.

Oh, except when the taxi driver crossed himself when I bore my testimony. Am I really that diabolical? I didn´t know I was such a threat. There was also the instance where we were running home (we kind of end up running home a lot because we have to be home at 9 and we are always in the lessons until the last minute aha) and my skirt almost fell off!!! I have this one skirt that the zipper always likes to come undone, and since we were running I didn´t feel it! Hahah luckily it was dark and I noticed and stopped, yelling at my companion, “Hermana!” right before we turned the corner where it´s all lit up because there´s a convenience store and always a big group of dudes. It´s really too bad the phrase “Awkwaaard” doesn´t exist in Spanish.

Was it Jess who told me to make sure I include the funny stories? We are teaching a family with kids who are literally CrAzY. Haha really. But I love them so much. Especially the youngest, who is 6, and Mister Tough Guy. Those types of kids always win my heart. (Beef, how are Pray and Beraka??????) We´re mostly just teaching the mom because even thought we always invite them, the teenagers scatter and the kids keep playing. The other day we were teaching her, and one of her sons was sitting on the floor ripping apart a book. He´s like 8 so I guess he just doesn´t know how to control his energy. I mean, Jonah and Isaac were having airsoft wars in thongs at 8 years old, so really who is more savage?  Haha but on Saturday I asked my companion, “How can I help him like church; what can I bring?”, and she says, “Your illustrated Book of Mormon!” and I just have this visual of him sitting on the floor in the chapel tearing it apart 5 pages at at time.

The greeting here is put your cheeks side by side and give a kiss. But we only do that with the women, it´s strictly handshakes with the men. But the other day we went to visit a future investigator (someone we had met who gave us their address to come visit them), named Mario. Well we realized that the other guy in the house was his partner, so we decided to head out. But as we were saying goodbye, he gave us the cheek-kiss goodbye like a ninja! Hahaha my companion, (this actually happened awhile ago with my companion who had 10 months in the mission) was freaking out. “Oh no! I kissed a boy!” Hahahaha. I told her if anyone was gonna give her a sneak-attack, she should be glad it was Mario, our gay friend!

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