Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

14 July- Straight from my journal

On Tuesday we had a miracle!!!!!!! Isis felt the Spirit!!!!!!!! Isis smiled (for real), Isis actually felt happiness, actually understood the beauty of this message, actually saw the beauty around her.
It was all because of Hermana Moran. I told her about Isis´ problems beforehand, and we brought a glass bottle, a hard-boiled egg, and some matches. We asked Isis if she wanted to get baptized, and the turmoil inside of her was literally painful to watch. So many times she had told us she wanted to be baptized, and so many times she had told us ¨No, nevermind.¨ You could see her fear and unconfidence eating her up inside.
Hermana Moran said that sometimes the things we want seem imposible to achieve. She took the egg and acted super secretive, drawing Isis on the egg, the whole time Isis getting curious, and when Hermana Moran showed it to Isis, she loved it!
We set the egg on top of the bottle, and it clearly could not fit inside. We said how Isis wanted to be baptized, but she just didn´t see how she could fit. ¨But there´s something called A Lot Of Faith,¨ said Hermana Moran, and she lit a match, ¨and with A Lot Of Faith, the egg can fit.¨ She put the match in the bottle, the paper lit on fire, a few seconds later she putt he egg on top of the bottle, and it got sucked in. It was the first time Isis believed she could get baptized. She was mesmerized. You could see a deep relief fill her and change her countenance upon seeing it was posible. It was honestly a beautiful moment to witness.
But I knew Isis, and thanks goodness Hermana Moran listened with her heart, with her attention, her all, when I told her about Isis. Because believing it was posible, that was only the first step for Isis, even though it was a huge one.
So Hermana Moran knew our work wasn´t finished. So she got up and said, ¨Sometimes in life we´re a Little unstable,¨ swaying from side to side and making her voice go from high to low. Isis loved it. She knew we were talking about her, but she didn´t feel bad because we were saying it could happen to anyone. ¨So we need something to help us stick to out decisions.¨ She had Isis write out a contract, and Isis got into it. She chose a date for her baptism! And wrote out that she would prepare for that day, and signed it.
“Remember how you entered the bottle, Isis?”
“A Lot of Faith.”
“Awesome. How are you going to get A Lot of Faith?”
“I don´t know.”
“Your faith is like a fish, Isis.”
“What happens if you don´t feed a fish?”
“It dies.”
“What happens if you forget to feed your faith?”
“Oh. It dies.”
“How can you feed you faith, Isis?”
“If we give you your very own Book of Mormon, will you feed your faith by Reading one scripture every day?”
“I guess so.” (This is a resounding yes from Isis.)
“Today you have faith. How are you going to make sure you have faith tomorrow?”
“Read a scripture.”
“Awesome!! You have a desire to get baptized, Isis, but it takes A Lot of Faith. Will you feed your faith?”
“Let´s practice now.”
So we put her name all pretty inside a Book of Mormon and read one verse. Which she was able to understand easily! Which amazed me because before I thought she had a learning disability because of the super emotionally-disconnected way she acts toward everyone.
I had never seen Isis happy before today. I know that´s what the Spirit can do. There is no way to be truly, extremely happy without God, and there is no way to be truly, extremely unhappy with God. It was the coolest thing to see Isis excited about something. To see her accept a baptismal date after everything I´ve been through with her. To be able to reach her. And most of all, to see her happy for the first time!!!!!!!

The day of her baptism we gave her a fish haha! We literally searched the city for a dang beta fish, I don´t get why it was that hard to find a fish?

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