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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

whats it like to open an area? day 1

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since a blog I know. I miss you all a lot and think about you so much! I have lots of great experiences that I reeeeally want to share but I am in the world’s worst ciber- as in, nither the internet nor the keyboard work-  so that is definitely not going to happen today. Just thought I would get the news out that I’m in Zamora, the land of the berries, YAY J 

Yesterday (Monday) I woke up at 4:30 and went to the bus station to go to Guadalajara. We got there and waited a long time with a lot of hunger (The mission has made me a very good eater. If anyone has a toddler that is not a good eater, just send them on the mission! Haha just kidding.) till we started the meeting and got our new companions! I’m training again 

My new companion is great! She is from Medida. So anyway we had the meeting and finally managed (again) to get all our suitcases and pillows and blankets back to the bus station. We got home at midnight. The Zone Liders had to let us into our house and give us the cell because we are opening this area. Today was relly weird because we don’t know any of the members, investigators, streets, how to pay the electricity, anything!

But anyway we walkd into the house and the first thing I noticed was the house has a lot of windows. Which is awesome because in Mexico the houses sometimes have like NO windows but was a little creepy when you’re in a new place neither you or your companion has ever seen or been before so you don’t know who could be watching, and there’s no curtains haha. But one thing I love about the mission is I feel safe ALL the time. It’s more proof that the mission is real and the Spirit is real. We hear often about all the things going on in the world around us, but I feel way safer in Mexico than I do in Sac.

We hit the sack right away and woke up to clean the house and eat leftover sandwiches before our district meeting in the morning. My companion was like, “I thought sister missionaries would be… clean…” She was a great little worker and cleaned more of the house than I did. Then we discovered the shower doesn’t work. It was kind of like bathing at the Ladd. It’s not the first time in the mission that I had to bathe with a bucket for weeks, but the other time was our fault (we thought the boiler was broken but really the gas had run out). I think it was easier to get clean when I lived in the jungle in Ecuador. At least there, there was a river…

Ok haha but being serious now. I am excited! Morelia was a really hard place, where the people were extremely cold. The people here so far seem more warm and I am excited to get to know them and help them learn for themselves that this absolutely incredible gift I have in my life is true, and that it is for them, too.

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