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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

January and February

Hey everyone :) I didn't have a lot to say in January or February, but that's not because there wasn't anything happening! 
·  One of the hermanas let me make tortillas by hand :D

 ·  One of the recent converts gave us a GIANT bag of garbanzo beans, and they were taking FOREVER to eat, so my companion helped me take them out of their shells so I could just eat them haha

  • A Valentine's day baptism: Oh man Valentines Day in Morelia was exactly the same as a Valentine's Day in Sac. Aka would NOT stop raining. I was kinda worried about our convert, getting wet, cause he's like 75, and I mean the church is not exactly a warm building. The water heater didn't want to work but in the end it did! And even though all his family is Jehovah's Witness and said they weren't gonna come, they filled the baptismal room! He bore his testimony after his baptism and when he cried, he was so surprised!!! I think it was the first time he had cried since being a kid.

  • Enjoying being lost in the middle of nowhere :)

·         We had a little family home evening/ birthday party for one of the sisters who we work with a lot. She cried because she's a recent widow, and has been fighting depression and suicide, since it happened, and I was the only one to remember her birthday. It was literally one of the those moments where you think, "Whatever I have had to go through to be in this city on this day, so that I could help her have a good birthday, it has all been worth it, and would be 100 times over." Mom, thank you for teaching me that birthdays are important.

·         I opened my closet on my birthday and look what I found from my companion :D

While I'm thinking about it, as much as I love mail, don't send me any packages! If you do, they will most likely get here when I am no longer a Mexican resident. Seriously. Letters are still safe, for a short little time. So write me :D <3 xoxox :D

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