Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life is like the gym

The other day I saw a guy with a horse and plow like going through the dirt like old times! It was really crazy especially since we live in the city lol!! I´m sorry I don´t have a picture of it but I did manage to snap a picture of the Bob Marley dog. The Bob Marley dog has dreads, which I´m really sad that you can´t see in the picture because I took the picture without flash on a rainy day. It was unexpected so I had to jump on the opportunity and didn´t have much time to worry about prime lighting. Okay so the deal with the Bob Marley dog is that I saw him (or her) one day when we were walking and I was like, I need a picture of that dog!!¨ but there were so many people around and we´re not supposed to draw attention to ourselves by acting like tourists, which we totally would have been because I pass a stray dog (plug your ears Charity :( ) every minute or so--so it would have been like someone in the States taking a picture of a Honda. Not a specific Honda. Any Honda. So I was sad. When to my surprise a week later, there he is again. Haha! 

The first weeks in the field: Great:) We´re trying to help people recognize that this is true! Trying to get investigators and less-actives to keep their commitments (like reading the scriptures, coming to church or praying to find out if this is true. Simple. The stuff you have to do if you want to find out for yourself whether something is any good). 

We kinda live in the city, kinda like Provo but smaller houses much closer together. We travel out to different suburbs. Mexico is not the nicest place to live because some of their rivers are stinkpots of trash! It´s so sad! But I love how there´s food for sale like every other house. Haha.

This is one of the families we visit. All throughout the lesson, they keep getting up to sell their snacks. It makes it hard for them to learn but hey

 The kids are cute and I love the families in the ward, they´re very supportive! We had a 10 year old beg us to let us come in our lesson but we were teaching adults and it would have been weird so we told her Yes Please but when we go teach kids! Haha! We do our laundry by hand which is a little time-consuming but fine. There´s mangos everywhere which I love. Haha.

People have always said that the mission is full of miracles. So far mine has been. So far I´ve been the recipient of all of them! Since being in the field, I feel like I´m riding in a car instead of running-- I´m not the one doing the work. He´s making things that are normally hard for me easy.  I have received personal revelation time and time again that God knows me and he wants me to be here, which is a miracle for me because my goal in life is to do what God wants me to do, and knowing what exactly that is is half the battle. It´s not easy to be a missionary, but it doesn´t really matter if it´s easy. What matters is doing what God wants us to do. All the best things in life are hard, anyway. Life is like the gym- we have to lift weights if we want to get stronger. 

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