Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Monday, May 5, 2014

I cannot count the number of times this week that I said ¨I just got here."

We talk to SO MANY PEOPLE! There´s everyone in the ward to meet, the 6 or 8 lessons we teach each day (which usually include several people), and the 12 to 15 people we talk to on the streets. Ok honestly it doesn´t even sound like a lot. But it is! i for one have never met that many new people each day.
Things here are fabulous!!!!!
Ah I am already in love with some of the families here. Ah.
I can´t imagine or grasp that I am going to be gone so long. Everyone, I love you sooooooo much!
I have been here one week officially. My mission president and his wife took me out to lunch on Monday (April 21) straight from the airport. What?! It was so nice of them to take their time to do that, and it made for an easy day. After lunch with them, we went to the mission home for an orientation and then to the mission office where we waited for paperwork and my mission debit card where they put a little allowance every other week, which I never got and still don´t have haha. I was so tired because I only got to sleep one hour the night before! 
Every morning I am already so tired! But the rest of the day until like 9:30 at night, I feel great.
I know you´ve been dying to hear about... my companion!!! She´s great. She´s from Colombia and is kind and sassy. Here is a picture from our first day together.

. We got to the member´s house to eat and there were so many people crammed in the tiniest room and honestly I could hardly understand a word haha. I found out later that it was one of the kids´birthdays, and the rest of our meals have been a lot less chaotic and a little more comprehensible. Just kidding, I understand the majority of stuff! But it´s still hard for me! (Me cuesta mucho!) The stronger the Spirit, the less I stumble over my words. It is astounding.)

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