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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 24, 2015: Scrapbook Day

The day one of the hermanas (she's our age) forgot it was her day to feed us. we we got there and everything was locked up. we thought, if we had a smartphone we would totally send her this snapchat

you can see in the bottom right corner the name DOMINUS. he's our fav graffitti artist and the other day we saw someone starting a new mural, but it looked like a totally different style, so we just kept walking. that night, when we passed the same spot, it had his signature! awweee we coulda met dominus...

One day we got to church early and there was a dog running around inside! hahaha it was so funny to see a dog going crazy in the cultural hall. this dog was literally dixies long lost twin so yeah you can imagine exactly how this dog was acting

I just realized that i am wearing the same shirt in all three pictures... if it looks like by this point in the mission, i don't have a lot of clothes, you would be guessing right lol. luckily this shirt takes like two seconds to wash by hand and 2 more seconds to iron.

here's another pictures with a dog. how many pictures do i have with dogs on my blog? and i'm not even an animal person! but the mexicans are animal people. i think i've met like 3 families in my whole mission that don't have a dog! these little girls are super sweet. the day we took this photo, we were helping her get ready for her baptism :)

This is one of the less-active sisters we work with. 

She's awesome. she lives right by a park, so she started the "No Trash Club" and when a kid joins the no trash trash club, they paint their handprint on the wall of her house and promise to pick up 5 pieces of trash every time they go to the park. and they do it! haha okay so see right above my head where it says Elder Villagomez? and then a little to the right where it says Elder Lessard? haha those are our handprints. we amy not be kids but i think we go to that park more than any kid in the neighborhood because it's right in the area where we work a lot and when we're in that neighboorhood, we cross it a million times a day. haha and Elder Lessard donesn't refer to my brother... she knows we're hermanas but she likes to call us "Elderas" haha for those of you who don't speak Spanish, that word doesnt exist :)

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