Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

June 16 I am like, so Mexican now.

So Mexican that when I read Nona´s letter, and she wrote ¨a chile and hot roll dinner¨, I thought, ¨I don´t get it? Bread doesn´t exactly complement or complete chile.¨ Because here ¨chile¨ refers to something spicy. Haha like I said, I´m straight Mexican.

This week President called my companion and I in for an interview but didn´t tell us why. Everything turned out fine I´ll just say right now but let me TELL you I spent the 30 minutes waiting for a taxi and the hour in the taxi freaking out that you guys were okay!!!!! I was so scared that you guys weren´t okay and I know I shouldn´t be because I KNOW God is with us no matter what and that He doesn´t give us any challenge that we can´t meet, but I definitely was worried something had happened to one of you. So take care of yourselves, people! Don´t do anything stupid. Mom- don´t wait until the 10th time your seatbelt beeps at you!!! Mom- don´t text and drive. Mom- don´t paint your nails and drive. Mom- just kidding, I can´t think of anything else stupid you do. Isaac, be careful!!!!! I need my little brother!!!!!!!! Everyone else, tengan cuidado when you´re crossin´streets, when you´re drivin´ with your peeps, and if you think something is wrong, go to the doctor. These are the main situations of danger I can think of right now. All I can say is, ¨Please think of little ol´ me!!! And how much I want to see you all!!!!!¨
I have never been so excited to see a Little Céasers in my life!!! Best-tasting Céasers ever. P.S. Isaac, I totes got the Cheesy Pepperoni Bread.
On the spiritual side, I want to share with you something I´m doing in my scripture study that I´m loving. I´m reading the góspel of John (but you could do it with any góspel), and as son as I find something the Savior did that I can do also, I stop reading and write it down and I don´t read anymore in John that day. Sometimes it´s less than one verse! And then I make sure I do that thing that day. Gives literal meaning to trying to be like Jesus.
·         John 1:42- see people´s potential
·         John 2:4 (my New Testament teacher explained that ¨my hour is not yet come¨ is like saying, ¨No worries, I have time¨- be gracious
·         John 4:31-34- delight so much in God´s work that it´s like food, our nourishment and a great source of pleasure (cause I love food!)
·         John 4:40- take time for people, take the time to say Hi to neighbors, to accept people´s invitations, etc.
 Looks like I coulda taken this while rafting the American River, right? The weather here is really similar to Sac… which means it´s great weather!
 Except when the sidewalk turns into a river. But the sick lightening and thunder storms make it totally worth it.

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