Then spake Jesus saying, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Made It!

This week go to and select my mission and put in this address
Sister Olivia Lee Lessard
2023 N 900 E Unit 819
Provo UT 84602
Here at the MTC they will print the letter and give it to me every night. Everyone send one! Probably don't send hard letters to this address unless they will get here within a week just in case I leave in a week. But dearelders, yes please!

I took great pics but I can't figure out how to email them! I'll just tell you guys what I'm up to.

There are 6 in my district; I just realized a couple days ago when I was looking at a picture I took that I am the only white one! Aha. We speak English together often because 4 of them are from the States and one from Argentina. But all grew up speaking Spanish in their homes and of course our classroom, the lessons we teach to pretend investigators, and the scriptures are all in Spanish, which is easy for them. Sometimes I want to cry! But I have felt the Spirit more and had more prayers answered here in one week than in months of regular life. It is a HUGE blessing to have no responsibilities other than studying, talking to, and talking about God, Jesus Christ, and their loving plan! Who gets to do that?! I know i'm really blessed! I know my Father knows me and has a plan for me. I know he knows you and has a plan for you. What more could I ask for in life, why I am so lucky to know those things?

Miss you all!

Edited to Add:
The "domes" are what we work out in. They make me feel like I'm in Divergent. Very futuristic. The fact that we can't get into gates, buildings, the laundry room, or cafeteria without our magnetic ID card helps. Speaking of laundry room, we washed the same load of clothes twice the other day. We pulled everything out of the washer, and threw our clothes in some front-loading "dryers."  But after we pressed start, we heard water rushing into the machine. Whoops. I hope the extra-clean clothes make up for the fact that my roomie Hermana Torralba and I aren't big on showers. "I don't like baths." "Oh, you're a shower person." "No, I'm a dirty person." Haha don't worry we always look and smell good so who cares? Deanne Wong was like Asian Barbie at E.C. because she was so pretty. And she always bragged about how she never showered, so we're doing better than her. I bet she didn't even wash her clothes twice.

Anyway, Hermana Torralba is my bestie here but her companion, Hermana Ferrari, and my companion, Hermana Cuellar, are absolutely amazing, too!!!!

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