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Thursday, December 25, 2014

22 Dec-- Merry Christmas:)!!!!

Everyone has been asking what our Christmas plans are. Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we have a different schedule. We leave the house earlier and get home earlier. Our plans are: visit a few members that we know are gonna be alone on Christmas, anyone else who will let us into their house haha, and call our families!

I have a new companion who is from the Dominican Republic which speaks Spanish but when she speaks English she has a sick accent like she’s from the Bronx and she loves Beyonce and Rihanna so needless to say we are getting along just fine ;) She taught me what is called a “tubi” to keep your hair straight.

After straightening your hair, you part it on the side and wrap it around your head and hold it in place with bobby pins. Then you put on some kind of hair net or beanie or whatever you want (as long as it’s not something that sucks the moisture out of your hair and makes it static-y) and you’re good to go. We had to leave the house at 1 in the morning to board the bus that took us to Guadalajara, so when we got home at 9, we showered and got ready, packed a picnic lunch, and decided to sleep for a few minutes while we waited for the taxi…
Which never came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That night we were part of a miracle because somehow I woke up at the last minute and we called another taxi and got to the bus station JUST BARELY in time. That night was a big holiday in Michoacan, so all the taxis were booked and everyone was out partying. I seriously felt soooooooo blessed. We got to hear Elder Russell M. Nelson and he shook everyone single one of the 500 missionary’s hands. It was such a special day and a great Christmas present!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the missionaries of our mission (Guadalajara East) and the Guadalajara mission were there. I saw my old companions, and found out that the missionary I trained, Hermana Moran, is training. Wow!!! Que emocion!!!! It was sooooo great to see her. It was the closest thing to family that I have here in Mexico.

4 “generations”: my trainer, me, Hermana Moran, and her “daughter”

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